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Diving Au Naturel
with Buff Divers

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The following is from an article published in N Magazine,
January 2004, written by Buff Divers Member, Ken Lackmann.

Diving Au Naturel with Buff Divers

St KittsAre you interested in scuba diving? Do you enjoy taking tropical vacations?  How about if you could do both nude?  Yes, that’s right, nude diving vacations.  If any of this sounds interesting, then you’ll want to read more the group we belong to, Buff Divers, a travel club that arranges nude dive trips to outstanding destinations around the world, where members can dive and vacation nude.

Several years ago we decided to become scuba certified so we could explore the amazing world under the water’s surface.  To become scuba certified takes roughly three weeks of training at your nearest dive shop.  This usually consists of a few evening classes, some swimming pool time, and a few supervised open water dives.  It’s fun and not too expensive. 

Our first few diving trips were "textile" trips.  They were nice, but we found out that having the option of diving nude is wonderful.  When we first began diving, we thought that the tropics would be full of resorts catering to nude divers (warm waters, tropical breezes, sun, etc.).  Boy, were we mistaken.  We have since learned that unless you go with a group like Buff Divers, this type of diving opportunity is practically unheard of.

We cannot say enough about Buff Divers and Dale and Fluffy, the club’s coordinators.  We met them about three years ago on our first Buff Divers trip to Blackbird Caye Resort in Belize.  With Fluffy, Dale, and the rest of the group, we immediately felt right at home.  We were amazed at the job they did setting up our first trip, and continue to be impressed with the outstanding effort they put into coordinating all of their trips.

Buff Divers trips include vacations on liveaboard dive boats and at landbased resorts.  They go to many of the best dive destinations in the world.  We enjoy these trips so much that we now try to go on as many as we can.

The OdysseyWe have gone with Buff Divers to such spectacular places as South Caicos Ocean Haven Resort in the Turks and Caicos Islands; Posada Del Sol Resort on Guanaja, one of the Honduras Bay Islands; Manta Ray Bay Resort in Yap, Micronesia; and spent a week aboard The Odyssey at the wreck-diving mecca of the world - Truk Lagoon. Our last Buff Divers trip was aboard the Nekton Rorqual in the Northern Bahamas.

The Buff Divers trips just keep getting better and better.  Our last trip was no exception.  Thirty-four Buff Divers members left Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on a Saturday evening.  After settling in to our individual staterooms, we headed across the Atlantic Gulf Stream.  We awoke Sunday morning near Grand Bahama Island.  After setting up our dive gear and attending a short safety briefing, we began a great week of diving, dining, relaxing, and socializing.

Although the diving was great, the most fun we had was socializing with other Buff Divers members.  The group shares an instant camaraderie, and most quickly become friends.  Members of Buff Divers come from all over the world, and on any trip there is a mixture of couples and singles. Most are divers; some are snorkelers.  Anyone who enjoys social nude recreation would have a great time on a Buff Divers trip.

FluffyMembers love to share diving experiences, talk about the nudist clubs and resorts that they belong to or visit back home, and discuss where they would like to go on a future Buff Divers trip.  We have made many friends on these trips, and always look forward to seeing them.  Like us, many of the members try to go on as many trips as possible, so we always know that whenever we go we are likely to see old friends.

Buff Divers members have a wide range of diving experience.  Some are newly-certified divers on their first trip, while others have logged hundreds of dives.  When we took our first Buff Divers trip, we had logged less than 20 dives each.  We were amazed at how receptive everyone was to answering all of our questions about ways to improve our diving skills.  Even though we now have logged over 170 dives and are very comfortable in the water, we still learn new underwater skills from some of the "masters" in the group.  Buff Divers members are always willing to share their knowledge and help others improve their diving skills.  Believe me, this goes a long way to enhancing the enjoyment of the underwater world.

Yap MantasOn every Buff Divers trip, we’ve seen an absolute abundance of sea life, such as turtles, sharks, eels, rays, and fishes of every color, shape, and size.  We’ve also seen brightly colored sponges, lobsters, crabs, waving sea fans, and an endless variety of hard and soft corals.

Even though no two Buff Divers trips are alike, there are some similarities.  For one thing, of course, there is always the opportunity to do lots of diving. Liveaboard dive boats are set up for diving, so we usually dive four or five times a day.  At most landbased resorts, we do three dives a day, plus take part in activities like land tours, kayaking, volleyball, snorkeling, or other water sports.

After diving and eating a good meal, we enjoy reading, napping, sunbathing, or participating in the activities available at the resort or on the boat.  Divers often review underwater videos taken on the previous dive.  Members often bring pictures or videos from previous trips for everyone to enjoy.Yap Maiden

Land tours are also a big hit.  On every trip we take a tour of the region we’re visiting.  We’ve seen some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, along with pristine waterfalls, local villages, and more.  In the Yap Islands of Micronesia we were treated to a parade on the national holiday.

Come join us on one of the upcoming Buff Divers trips to the Bahamas, Fiji, Belize, or the Turks and Caicos Islands.  You’ll be glad you did!

Ken Lackman   
N Magazine   


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